Useful Tools

Transcribe! is a great program for
slowing down and looping audio songs
so you can learn them easily. I use
it all the time, its very useful.
Lots of other cool features too like
changing pitch to match your guitars
tuning etc.

Click Here To Get Transcribe!

Audacity is a great free audio
recording and effects program. Hundreds
of effects, multitrack recording,
changing pitch, the list goes on….this is a
must have program, enjoy!

Click Here To Get Audacity.

Tabledit is a great program
for transcribing your music into tab.
doesn’t cost much and really does a
professional job.

Click Here to Get Tabledit

Slo Mo Director is a tool to
slow down videos so you can figure
out chords and notes easily.
Works great!

Click Here to Get SloMoDirector

Weird metronome is a very cool
program you should check out.
Its free, has some cool features that I’ve not
seen in any other metronome program.

Click Here To Get Wierd Metronome.

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