Archive for March, 2011

Another one of my brothers originals, one of my favorites

Now thats a hat!

Acoustic Guitar Solo

New Song by My Brother Chris

Another very cool original from my brother. Nice playin chris.

Little wing cover by M0joFingers

To Find Love

Caught this one last night jammin with my good longtime friend Tim Heenan…He wrote this song over 15 years ago and I loved it back then….forgot about it….he plays it here for you now…enjoy! oh and he’s got lots of cool stuff on his website he knows how to get things done, very much worth taking a look at :)

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmie Vaughan – Pipeline

Wow, playing on one guitar by yourself is hard….but this?

Life in a Day : Sungha’s Day

(Original) Fly like the Wind – Sungha Jung

this song speaks for itself.

Jump Guitar- Swing Blues

This guys got some sweet chops, I love it!

The Pink Panther

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