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Doc Watson & Leo Kottke

Tiny guitar

North Korean girl guitarist

Life in North Korea is unlike life anywhere else. Because the country it so closed off, we don’t see much of it. But the pieces that leak out are strangely fascinating. That’s especially true when it comes to children. North Korean children are extremely disciplined. Take Kang Eunju, for example. She is an amazing guitarist. But even more amazing is the fact that she’s still in Kindergarten.

Joan Baez singing We Shall Overcome

This is one wonderful rendition of her song We Shall Overcome…I’m figuring out all the cords so my wife and I can perform it, such a cool song…dont’t forget to share if you like too!

Vaseline Machine Gun – Leo Kottke Live – 11/6/8

Take Five – Eric Skye

(Louisiana Blues) Andrea Castelfranato Live Firenze

♫ Leo Kottke’s “Accordion Bells” (Cover) ♫

Leo Kottke Gewerbegebiet

Rings – Leo Kottke Live – 11/6/8


Snowy Morning Blues

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