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Derek and Susan

How Long

Building of a Handmade Acoustic Guitar

Double Jam

Tear in my beer

Tony Cox

Workin on guitar pickin fun store, take a look

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Sometimes cheap guitars sound ok, not often, but sometimes

heres the comment I left for this video…thought a few of you would find the story interesting :)

Boy! you got yourself a cool lookin guitar that sounds
good….trinity guitars…..never heard of them….I once
had a deep blue color Johnson I got off ebay for 99
bucks…it sounded as good as my martin and the action on it
was perfect….
I sold it cheap to a good friend thinking he’d get some good
recordings from it, but he went and gave it away to some
girlfriend of his, go figure!……anyway, I’ve since
aquired a Windsor guitar that a guy gave me 20 yrs ago it
was probably a cheapy in its day…I play it all the
time….it sounds great, though it is all beat to hell and
falling apart, but I love it…..I dont think many cheap
guitars ever sound good though, ive seen a LOT of crappy
ones, sometimes you just get lucky :)
keep playin and postin you sound good :)

Some cool blues guitar lessons

Learn to Play Blues Guitar Level 1

Agustín Amigó – “I Gotta Feeling” (Black Eyed Peas)

WOW! damn good playing….Courtesy of the one and only Phil Keagy!

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